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mimik access is a mobile app that connects all your devices and your friend’s devices directly in order to make discovering, sharing, and playing personal media simple and fun.

Sharing and accessing media is as simple as a click. FIRST download the mimik access app on all your devices. WHEN on the same home Wi-Fi network, these devices will discover each other and connect automatically. When a device is registered to your mimik account you can access it’s content regardless of your location or network!


Once connected as a mimik friend, you and your friedn’s can browse the shared content on any other device. You can decide whether your friends can only view or download your shared content. You can also stream music and video from your phone to multiple people on the same network.

With mimik access you can see all the content from devices connected to your account, devices belonging to your friend’s account, or devices detected on the same Wi-Fi connect as you!

Your content remains on your device and is not uploaded or stored to a third party cloud server when sharing content.

You can stream (mimik) your media to multiple friends at the same time on their screens so you don’t have to pass your device around the room, preventing potentially embarrassing moments such as inadvertently scrolling to photos or videos you don’t want them to see.

Another cool feature: you don’t need to fight over the audio jack to play music through a stereo system. You can view shared music from all the people on the same network and play it from any device with mimik access app.

Accessingaccess digital media from your device or others in your network.
Discoveringbrowse content shared with you by others on the same network. You can also use one of your devices to find content located on any other of your connected devices.
Sharing take the worrying out of sharing. Now you can privately share your digital media, knowing you stay in complete control. Share your photos, music, videos, and cameras to other connected users with a simple tap.
Playingplay content directly and instantly on your device, regardless of where the content is located, even if the content is on someone else’s device!
mimiking stream media from one device to any other device with mimik access app on the same network.
Monitoringby adding live camera feeds, you can keep tabs on what you value most.

mimik access is your personal cloud. Central cloud-based solutions store and access your data over on third party servers instead of your device storage.

By uploading your files to the Cloud, you are moving and uploading them to one or more servers somewhere. To access or download your files, you would need to connect to the server. Whereas, mimik access app does not rely on any third-party servers.

Instead, it uses your device as your own personal server to instantly access, share, stream or download personal media. This is a much more direct and private way since your files remain on your device at all times and are not being uploaded to third-party Cloud servers.

Yes. You can enable Wi-Fi hotspot on one device and connect all other devices to that hotspot. Now you should be able to start mimiking to one another.

No. As long as you and your friends are registered and connected to the same local Wi-Fi network, an Internet connection is not required.

mimik access app can be installed on mobile devices running Android and iOS. Windows and macOS version will be available soon.

mimik access supports media files including photos, videos, and DRM-free music files . Other file formats will be added in future releases. If you like us to consider a particular file format, please send your recommendation to mimik support.

First install the mimik access app on your devices, or invite your friends to install it to. Once on the same network, the app will detect all other devices with mimik access app.
To share media, open the app and select the type of media you’d like to share. When the media gallery appears, you can select the items you wish to share by tapping the Select button and then selecting media thumbnail(s). When you’re done selecting the items you’d like to share, press the Done button.

Sharing files using cellular data is the same process – but devices must be registered to your account, or with someone you’ve added as a mimik friend.

The buffering (or time) delay at the receiving end varies with the number of people, the quality of images or videos that you are mimiking and the speed of your Wi-Fi or cellular data connection.

For photos, a reasonable number of simultaneous connections is 10; for videos the range is between 1 and 4 depending on the video resolution and your Wi-Fi router speed and coverage. Typical home Wi-Fi networks cannot handle more than one or two simultaneous HD video streams.

There is no limit on the file size for streaming. If you allow download, the file size is limited by the storage on the receiving device.

mimik access allows you to share your media with others that are using the app. If your friends and family do not have mimik access yet, you can invite them to install the app from the settings menu.

Enabling others to have access to your personal media happens immediately.

Please ensure that both devices are connected to cellular data or a strong Wi-Fi connection with the access app running in the foreground or background of your devices, and have the latest version of the app installed.

Accessing shared media requires the sender to have their device on, with a internet connection, and with the access application running. If they become disconnected from the network, the device is turned off, or the app is closed, access to any shared media is not possible.

No. Your friends only have access to the specific media that you have shared; they will not have access to your other content that is not shared. If you wish to discontinue sharing certain media items, use the sharing procedure to deselect the items from the list.

Yes. There is no limit on the number of devices that you can associate with your mimik account.

No. Currently, we do not include support for preventing certain people from viewing your shared media. However, we do have plans to add this capability in future releases.

Ensure that you and your friends are all connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Also, most Wi-Fi hotspots such as Hotels and Airports block peer-to-peer access so don’t be surprised if you are on the same Wi-Fi network and can’t see your friends. Please note that unstable networks may cause unexpected interruptions .

All updates are handled by the respective app stores. To ensure that your mimik access app is up to date with the latest features, you may want to enable automatic update feature on your devices. Alternatively, you can check the app version by going to Settings > About > Version and then comparing that with the latest version on the app store.

A DRM protected file is a file protected by the original content copyright holder, therefore you may not be able to play DRM-protected media using mimik access.

This can occur when new media has been added to your device since the last time you used mimik access (capture new photos or videos, added new music to your phone, etc.)

You can update your device content catalog in the settings menu of the application

If this is occurring when viewing a shared content belonging to your device, or a friend, the remote device may need to upload their content catalog as well. It may also be the result of an unstable network. Please check your network status.

If this occurs, there can be two reasons: mimik access app has been closed on that device or it may be the result of the device having gone into sleep mode. This is especially common with iOS devices. mimik access app may be suspended by the device operating system when in sleep mode. Please wake up the device, and resume the mimik access app.

If you did not find the answer to the question you have within this FAQ, please email your question to mimik support.

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